Cycle Wheel Legend/Key

The cycle wheel graph is a representation of your cycle on a wheel. Representing a "Cycle" on a circle is a natural representation and offers an alternative way to visualize the cycle. The Cycle Wheel complements the Chart and Calendar views. The Cycle Wheel is the only view showing you directly the cyclical nature of your cycles. The display includes both actual and predicted ovulation and fertile days.

Two Rings:: The wheel has two rings. The outer ring is labeled with your Cycle Day (days since the start of your cycle). The inner ring is labled with the date.

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Sample Cycle Wheel Graph

Outer Ring: The outer ring represents your actual fertility signs as you recorded them.

Color Coding: The color coding is as follow:

  •      Menses
  •      shows possibly fertile days prior to ovulation, actual fertile window after ovulation has ocurred
  •      Ovulation
  •      Luteal Phase
  •      Days past the end of the cycle (the cycle is shorter than your average cycle) or Days not yet recorded

In addition to the colored areas, the outer ring displays the following icons and symbols:

  • Spotting is pictured as a small red dot.
  • Insemination/Intercourse is represented by a small heart icon .
  • OPK Test Results are represented by a + or - sign.
  • Fertility Monitor results are represented by the letter 'P' for peak, 'H' for high and 'L' for low.
  • OvWatch results are represented by the same codes as used on the chart.
  • Pregnancy Test results are represented by a test tube icon with either a red + or - sign .

Sector Labels: The outer ring sectors are labeled by the Cycle Day (counted from the last period). After ovulation the labels indicate the Days Past Ovulation as well. For example, a label 15/2 means Cycle Day 15, 2 Days Past Ovulation (DPO).

Inner Ring: The inner ring displays the prediction extracted from your cycle history.

Sector Labels: The label of each sector is the day of the month. The current day label is colored in blue.

Color Coding: The color coding is similar to the outer ring:

  •      Predicted Start of Menses.
  •      Predicted fertile days.
  •      Predicted Possible Ovulation Days (also fertile).


Graph Title: The graph title displays the cycle label (you can set it using the button just below the Cycle Wheel graph). If no label is present, "Cycle Wheel" is displayed.

Home Page: You can display a Cycle Wheel view of your current cycle on your home page. To enable it, check the corresponding option on the Home Page Setup page (Menu Sharing).

ToolTip Data Viewer: The wheel is a clickable area. The button "Show Data ToolTip/Hide Data Tooltip" just above the wheel graph enables or disables the tooltip data viewer.

When disabled, clicking on the wheel overlays a small window with the data details for the day. You can then click on the edit link to edit your data.

When the tooltip data viewer is enabled, simply placing your mouse pointer over the corresponding day will display the associated data. This allows for a quick scan of the data. Clicking on the same position will automatically lead you to the data entry form for that day.

Limitations: To keep the graph legible, cycles longer than 60 days or average lengths of more than 60 days cannot be represented using this graph.

NOTE: This graph is part of the VIP Features.

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