Chart Key

The graph represents your cycle in a very compact format.
The top two lines list the day of the month and the week day for each day of the cycle.

Please click on the area of the chart for which you need more explanation:

Cycle Start Date Temperature Curve Temperature Curve Cycle Day, Luteal Phase and Fertile Window Primary and Secondary Signs. Pregnancy Tests. Cycle History/Stats Preduictions Meds, Specials Custom data and special data Date and Day of the Week BBT Curve Chart Label Ovulation marker Coverline Coverline and Day Past Ovulation count

Basal Body Temperature Curve:

The temperature plot represents each data point by a small dot. Each dot is
linked to the previous one by a line.

Black Dots:
If data is missing, the dots are linked with a dashed line. Discarded temperatures are displayed as black dots.

Open Circles and Dots:
If something in the data indicates that the temperature may be slightly inaccurate (either by events selected in the Special data area or by a time difference larger than normal), the temperature is plotted using a circle instead of a dot. Please note that these points do not need to be discarded. The circle will just indicate to the reader areas on the chart where the data may be less accurate.

Square Points:
When you have entered a note or if you check something in the Special data section, the graph will display a square instead of a dot. This is useful to check patterns and symptoms not directly related to charting. Note that this display is not enabled by default. It can be enabled on a chart by chart basis by clicking on the Display Settings link below the chart.

The crosshairs may be one of two different colors: When it is red it indicates an ovulation detected automatically based on your data or set by one of our guides. When it is blue, it indicates a manual override by the user.
A dashed crosshair means that your fertility signs are somehow in conflict. Look below the chart in the ovulation detector section for details. The horizontal line is called the coverline. The vertical line marks the day of ovulation.

DPO Count:
After ovulation you will find the count of your Days Past Ovulation (DPO) just above the coverline.

Green Line:
The temperature graph line turns green after recording an HPT positive.

Cycle Days

The cycle day line displays the cycle day, the luteal phase and corresponding fertile window once ovulation has been detected. The luteal phase is colored in yellow/orange while the fertile window is colored in green.

Chart Label

You can assign a personal label to each chart. Look in the menu Cycles/View Cycle List to enter it.

Primary and Secondary Signs - Pregnancy Tests

CM Line - Cervical Fluid
Test Line - Pregnancy Test
BD Line - Intercourse/IUI/IVF
OPK Line - Ovulation Predictor Kit
Fern Line - Saliva Microscope/Ferning Tests
OvW Line - OvWatch

Mon Line - Fertility Monitor/Advanced OPK
Cervix Line - Cervix
Stats Line - Cycle History
Mood Line
Ener Line - Energy Level


Cervical Fluid (CM Line):
The cervical fluid (also called cervical mucus and abbreviated CM) data line
uses the following codes:

Label Fluid
M Menses (Period)
L (Pink background) Menses Light(Period)
H (Pink background) Menses Heavy (Period)
* Spotting
- Dry
S Sticky
C Creamy
W Watery
E Egg White

A blank entry means that you did not record your CM that day.

The Menses and spotting can be combined with the other fluid types in a two letter code. For example egg white fluid with spotting will be displayed "E*". Menses are displayed on a pink square.

The corresponding square is colored in green when your entry denotes a clearly fertile sign.


Pregnancy Tests:

Label Test
+ Positive
- Negative
B+ Blood Test Positive
B- Blood Test Negative

Intercourse/Insemination/Retrieval (BD Line):

Label Meaning
X Intercourse
AM Intercourse in the morning
PM Intercourse in the afternoon/evening
R Egg Retrieval
I IUI or Home IUI
XX Intercourse morning and afternoon (More than once)

Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK Line):

Label OPK Result
+ Positive
- Negative

Fertile entries are displayed over a green square.

Saliva Microscope/Ferning Test (Fern Line):

Label Ferning Test Result
F Full Ferning
PF Partial Ferning
- None

Fertile signs are displayed over a green square.

Cervix (Cervix Line):
The cervix line uses a multi character representation:

Label Position
H High
M Medium
L Low
Label Texture
S Soft
M Medium
F Firm
Label Opening
O Open
- Medium
C Closed

Clearly fertile input are displayed over a green square.

Fertility Monitor (Mon Line):

Label Monitor Display
L Low
H High
P Peak

OvWatch (OvW Line):

Label OvWatch Display
FD1 to FD4 Fertile Day 1 to 4
OD1 & OD2 Ovulation Day 1 & 2
LF1 & LF2 Less Fertile Day 1 & 2

Fertile entries are displayed over a green square.

Cycle History/Stats (Stats Line):
The stats line displays data based on your cycle history.

  Usual Ovulation Days
  Predicted Period Days
T Recommended Test Date

The colored squares represent your usual cycle days for ovulation or menses based on your cycle history. These are not predictions. For predictions please check your calendar. The calendar takes all your statistics into account not just your usuals. The chart in general displays actual data analysis, it is not a prediction tool.

The stats line also displays when appropriate a countdown (numbers from 5 to 1) to the test date starting 5 days before the recommended test date.

Energy (Ener Line):

Label Energy
H High
N Normal
L Low


The mood data entry uses the following code:

Label Mood
G Good
OK Normal
B Bad
SW Swing

Medications Special, Custom Data

The chart also includes 3 categories of data which are displayed on multiple lines. The medications group of data is displayed on multiple lines with a predefined code. The Special and Custom data use a system of numbers with the key directly available at the bottom of the chart.

Medications (Meds Lines):
The Medication/Medical Procedure lines use the following code:

Label Meaning
C Clomid
E Estrogen
FE Femara/Letrozole
m Metformin
P Progesterone
X Other
T IVF Transfer
* More than one selection



NOTE: The stats, custom and special lines of data, luteal phase, fertile window as well as the DPO count are only displayed for VIP Members' charts.

For more information please consult our Getting Started page.