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Fertility Friend's accurate ovulation calendar is better than a simple ovulation calculator. Find out how to get pregnant faster, pinpoint ovulation, and know the best days to conceive. Identify pregnancy symptoms and see when to take a pregnancy test. Know your chance of pregnancy and see if any fertility problems are preventing you from getting pregnant quickly. When you chart your fertility signs, you’ll be in control. Fertility Friend will help with advanced tools, sophisticated analysis and support.

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Category: Pregnancy after TTC Country: United States

General Context: Have sought medical help || Have had fertility-related tests and/or treatments || TTC Your First Child

Keywords: TTC with hypothyroidism, vegetarianism

I am 30 years old, and my DH and I have been TTC since June 03. It took us 9 months to conceive the first time, which unfortunately ended in a MC one month later. Since that time, we had been BD, temping, and using the CBEFM. I ovulated every month, we timed everything just so--and never a BFP. My husband...

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