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03:58pm:Spotting a week after AF
03:57pm:New to the board. 35 and TTC #2
03:56pm:New here.
03:53pm:3+ yrs
03:52pm:Positive OPK at CD7?? Surely not?
03:52pm:My HSG test...
03:51pm:Anyone else do this bit of crazy?
03:50pm:Anyone else 9dpo?
03:47pm:I could be miscarrying OR pregnant, am I right?
03:46pm:No OPK ever reflects LH surge for me.
03:43pm:Medicated and a cyst
03:42pm:Finally Got my Diagnosis from RE After 18 Months ttc
03:41pm:Feels like AF - but temps still high!
03:40pm:Helicobacteria Pylori
03:39pm:The opposite of pretending there is a line
03:37pm:Please tell me you see this!
03:33pm:2ww anyone want to wait with me?
03:32pm:rocky post ov temps normal?
03:26pm:Can someone help decipher my chart?
03:22pm:At What Point Do You Admit Defeat Each Cycle?
03:15pm:#1 BFP and thanks
03:14pm:First time IUI w/ Femara
03:09pm:if you take/took Estrace and Prometrium, any side effects?
03:09pm:Christmas O
03:58pm:LABOR BUDDIES Please read!!!
03:57pm:lets talk about the tatas...
03:57pm:15 week ultrasound
03:56pm:Heterozygous MTHFR C677T
03:56pm:aluminum foil as room darkening for windows
03:55pm:Labor Watch
03:55pm:July DD loss support thread
03:50pm:Trying to stay positive, but so terrified
03:46pm:Re: Starting to get a lot of attention
03:45pm:Still Having Random Spotting?
03:44pm:Stopping Progesterone and Estrace
03:43pm:Got my BF........V today!!!
03:42pm:feeling frustrated with the hubbs
03:31pm:Gift issue! time sensitive
03:29pm:Chemical Pg and low HCG
03:26pm:Did anyone pay for a doula and wish they hadn't?
03:15pm:Language development at 2 yrs
03:15pm:Starting to get a lot of attention
03:14pm:Dry Heaving
03:13pm:Elias Xavier has arrived!
03:10pm:No breast growth
03:07pm:Mini rant (or... Oh no she DIDN't just say THAT)
03:07pm:21 weeks and first kicks :)

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