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11:32pm:IB at 11dpo?
11:31pm:16 dpo, BFN, snot-like glob in CM??
11:26pm:Vivelle Dot???
11:25pm:Anyone 4dpo?
11:21pm:4dpo on 9/16- Help me wait this out :)
11:16pm:Anyone feel really spaced out/forgetful during stimulation?
11:16pm:Ovulated or will ovulate-opinions of CBAD users?
11:14pm:I am out!
11:12pm:anyone TTA? Or had PPAF come too soon? :(
11:12pm:Inverting Pictures when we POAS
11:10pm:blaring bfp 12dpo! **Pic added**
11:05pm:4 Years ago
10:56pm:No BBT drop with period
10:53pm:Post-partum...possible + FRER
10:51pm:High testosterone
10:48pm:FF has changed my chart to a dotted coverline.
10:45pm:Onto Femara
10:45pm:Wishing :)
10:44pm:9 dpo or is it 3?
10:43pm:Have 5yr old opt out, attend class or keep them home?
10:39pm:POS to NEG ? HELP ? (New pic)
10:36pm:CM after HSG
11:34pm:belly shots!
11:29pm:Rib pain :(
11:23pm:Got my flu shot
11:22pm:He's here!
11:21pm:Low fetal heart rate
11:20pm:Bumps 9/15-9/21
11:19pm:this time I am bringing my own.....to the hospital
11:05pm:Lucia & Sasha
11:02pm:Nicknames for Katarina.. Besides Kat
10:56pm:Feeling like my family would be better off without me.

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