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08:18am:eyes please!!!
08:09am:In shock - 1st bfp after 18 cycles ttc?
08:09am:anyone tried castor oil packs
08:06am:WOW OMG BFP
08:06am:Should I ignore or do a digital?
08:06am:Newbie any ladies with pcos waiting to ovulate?
07:58am:Spotting on 3dpo?
07:46am:Don't look at me .. I thought I was testing LH
07:31am:Skull theory guesses
07:29am:Baseline antral follicle count
07:28am:Sept IVF/FET
07:23am:Femara buddies???
08:12am:Just plain terrified...
08:11am:Ultrasound in two hrs @ 6+6
08:11am:body gearing up and then nothing...
08:10am:First Betas Today
08:10am:how long to ovulate after.chemical pregnancy?
08:07am:Laboring through Labor Day weekend
07:59am:Goodbye regular jeans...
07:58am:Water broke!!!!
07:55am:Intelligender result
07:52am:Spotting after internal check 4 days ago
07:47am:pain around c-section scar 20 weeks
07:23am:extra scan? what would you do?
07:19am:Boy name to go with siblings

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