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04:13am:So sore
04:12am:Luteal Phase only 3 days?
04:10am:Tomorrow I start stims....tips?
04:10am:4/11 1dpiui anyone else waiting?
04:10am:First time IVF success - Does it happen?!
04:10am:ER today but...
03:53am:Squinters needed, help!
03:53am:New to this and big temp drop
03:52am:Take a peek!! Very faint
03:38am:Prenatal vitamins while TTC
04:10am:Roll Call
04:10am:Who has scans today? What time?
04:10am:New baby pics thread
04:08am:Need positive thoughts and prayers for tomorrow
04:07am:Beta and Progesterone back
04:07am:3rd beta horrible. Probably out 😩
04:05am:My ultrasound..
04:04am:Sitting in Labor and Delivery...
03:52am:Another month down...
03:51am:I love this baby! :)

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