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07:20pm:12 day luteal and bfn at 11 dpo
07:17pm:what time of the day to test with OPK's?
07:15pm:Irrational temps early on, questioning O date?
07:14pm:Pineapple juice?
07:09pm:1st beta is in!
07:09pm:Finally BFP at 45 after 14 months of trying
07:08pm:Pink cm 3dpo?
07:07pm:I already know it's over at 10 dpo :(
07:07pm:The bunny brought me...pic in OP
07:05pm:Alcohol & Temp Change
07:00pm:Baby gender this cycle?
06:54pm:Another "look at my test" post :)
06:51pm:tons of milky cm on 2&3 dpo
06:46pm:X Post Aspirin Question
06:44pm:Trigger still 10 days past trigger
06:29pm:such an amazing chart such a big fat nothing!
06:27pm:Period without O?
07:24pm:Just ate the best Easter dinner...
07:21pm:Wow, I guess I'm joining
07:19pm:Middle Name for Ryder
07:19pm:temp taking
06:42pm:To Amnio or Not to Amnio
06:37pm:Racing heart and breathlessness
06:36pm:Xpost: Heart palpitations and breathlessness?
06:30pm:Prenatal allergy?

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