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01:23pm:FF veterans...this is good right???
01:20pm:funny feeling but bfn
01:15pm:Thanksgiving o!
01:11pm:Gobs of EWCM but very negative OPK --- b/c of a cold?
01:11pm:any knowledge of continued pos opks
01:10pm:Cb weeks estimator
01:09pm:10 dpo evap?
01:07pm:Annovulatory or Delayed-O Question
01:07pm:Frer pic..indent?
01:05pm:temp rise morning of iui
01:05pm:Always implant on the same day?
01:04pm:Half a dark line - positive?
01:04pm:Clomid during anovulatory cycle?
01:03pm:Line eyes
01:02pm:Starting Clomid tomorrow..
12:58pm:MMC again... Thoughts on what to ask the OB?
12:58pm:Stressed about being stressed
12:58pm:Soft cups question
12:58pm:FET 2WW
12:57pm:How long does it take to get genetic testing results from mc
12:50pm:the longer you try...
12:50pm:TTC my first
12:44pm:I need advice!!
12:42pm:AC1 level is 5.9. Am I consider as pre-diabetic ? What meds
01:23pm:Advice Appreciated: looking for a new job
01:21pm:Can't Eat Turkey Stuffing? What?!
01:15pm:Daycare Sickness after the First 12 Months?
01:15pm:My friend made me out
01:13pm:Inducing in the morning
01:12pm:u/s update
01:11pm:Panorama test?
01:08pm:I'm pregnant
01:08pm:Good luck today, Bertie!
01:06pm:ultrasound in a few hours
01:06pm:I'm not sure what this feeling is...optimism?!
01:05pm:My 36 week appointment
01:04pm:Update on baby Grace
01:03pm:Anatomy scan & gender reveal
01:01pm:Gut feelings...
01:01pm:What we say and what we actually do...
01:01pm:How does one post a picture?
12:59pm:Crazy Dreams
12:57pm:Bumps 11/24-11/30
12:53pm:Advice for lower back pain?
12:51pm:Ellie Marie is here!
12:49pm:Good NT scan but need more bloodwork.
12:47pm:Obese and pregnant?
12:44pm:holy monster on my face.

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