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11:36pm:Just Saying Hello
11:32pm:Third beta
11:31pm:Super-mega squinter... Maybe?
11:31pm:RE'S in DFW
11:26pm:Possible to shorten luteal phase?
11:26pm:Birth control pill prior to procedure?????
11:26pm:NaPro Technology?
11:26pm:When would you test? If it was you
11:23pm:2dpo on Sat Oct 25th. TWW friends?
11:23pm:Kicking myself...12dpt. Could it still be it?
11:21pm:Dtd timing and bfp?
11:20pm:anyone else's husband do this?
11:19pm:Having trouble with tempimg
11:19pm:I think this is it!
11:12pm:Wondfo OPK
11:09pm:the things we do for ttc
11:01pm:Testing Out Trigger
10:54pm:When to O!!
11:36pm:Still having trouble with my doppler.
11:36pm:Roll Call~Check in and add info here
11:34pm:oldish lady names
11:31pm:Beta Numbers
11:29pm:How do I set up a ticker?
11:26pm:Symptoms way too soon?
11:22pm:Does you child have their own ipad or tablet?
11:17pm:Supportive parents
11:17pm:Test pictures!!
11:16pm:We have a heartbeat!!
11:14pm:how do i get my information on roll call
11:14pm:Stretch mark creams?
11:09pm:Wow! What a surprise!
11:07pm:Does it ever go away :(
11:06pm:It's a.....
11:01pm:Anyone heard of or used a Snuza?
10:56pm:March DD group memorial
10:55pm:How many?
10:44pm:The Junebugs Daily Symptom Diaries
10:43pm:Food and Weight Gain

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