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01:10pm:is this a line?
01:09pm:11 DPO- is this a positive?
01:07pm:Feeling hopeless :-(
01:06pm:Did I ovulate cd12-13 or cd19?
01:06pm:evap or real?
01:05pm:HSN & Bloodwork = DHEA
01:02pm:pretty flat temps, super squinter, & dye runs - oh my!
01:01pm:Are these temps low enough?
01:00pm:Chart shows ovulation CD13, but no +OPK til CD15
12:57pm:Chart is trying to remove o detection again
12:56pm:Faint line or nothing?
12:55pm:How do you make BD fun.
12:52pm:Looking for advice on low AMH
12:52pm:Experiment and Breastmilk Hypothesis
12:52pm:spotting at 7 dpo
12:51pm:Squinters please ;)
12:51pm:Can Femara/Letrozole lengthen cycle?
12:50pm:Lovenox Question
12:49pm:Meds delaying AF?
12:49pm:Do you think I O'd later?
12:46pm:LP opinions please
12:45pm:10 days dpo but crossing fingers
12:45pm:41, blocked tube, LOR--is this the end of the road?
12:44pm:Can I ovulate without a +OPK?
01:09pm:Nursery Sticker Shock
01:06pm:Who else knows the gender already?
01:00pm:So who's ready to get this first trimester done
12:59pm:Anyone else have u/s this week?
12:58pm:Anyone worried about getting measles who live in CA as adult
12:57pm:Hair dye
12:55pm:Stressed out or depressed?
12:49pm:Chico keyfit travel system
12:35pm:Teaching your kid her legal name when she's called by a nick
12:34pm:BFP, brown cm and slight pink so FREAKED out HELP !!!
12:33pm:9 year old mother's helper?
12:31pm:Re: I just descovered your group. How do I join?
12:23pm:TTTS update for the triplets
12:22pm:Second Trimester Fatigue
12:19pm:Team green to team yellow!
12:14pm:I get to join! :)

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