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02:50pm:Are dollar tree OPK's any good?
02:50pm:Re: .
02:48pm:Pregnitude Success Story
02:47pm:Need eyes please! Super squinter
02:47pm:Does An Early BFP With First Mean Early BFP With Next One?
02:45pm:Re-using tests.
02:45pm:Anyone 3 dpo 8/31?
02:43pm:Heads up - Amazon opk/hpt combo
02:42pm:Egg quality
02:42pm:What are the chances for long term ttcers
02:42pm:cd24 not sure if I've ovulated yet...
02:39pm:It's taking to long.....
02:38pm:Has anyone used the new Ovaboost
02:36pm:hydration, opk, & cm
02:34pm:Answer brand OPK's - positive or not?
02:31pm:Its transfer day!! (Finally)
02:31pm:getting pregnant the day after O?
02:29pm:Pretty Sure I'm Out
02:28pm:Testing out trigger and they are not getting lighter
02:28pm:Anyone else have a high volume?
02:27pm:Newbie any ladies with pcos waiting to ovulate?
02:24pm:8 DPO and exhausted
02:22pm:Is your RE male or female?
02:20pm:Testing early vs waiting until LP is generally over
02:50pm:*ROLL CALL BIRTHS* Update here!
02:50pm:Confused with how many months pregnant?
02:44pm:How often do you give 18mo milk feeds?
02:33pm:Anyone without morning sickness ?
02:30pm:Anything to help extreme fatigue??
02:24pm:Clothes Shopping
02:23pm:Shower invite etiquette
01:58pm:Men! I guess I'm hosting a BBQ today?
01:57pm:NT scan with pic
01:57pm:Bottles most like breastfeeding
01:55pm:Homeschool- potty training and morning Sickness
01:54pm:Please don't snow!

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