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10:56pm:Whole blood wondfo positive at 6? DPO?
10:55pm:Craziest cycle ever (for me)
10:49pm:What day did I ovulate?
10:45pm:Any guesses just for fun?
10:44pm:When do you stop taking mini-does Aspirin?
10:43pm:Af with mostly clots
10:33pm:I'm going to KILL my dr! :..(
10:32pm:Chart interpretation
10:28pm:next step: meeting with a doc, what do I need to know?
10:28pm:SA results - Help please
10:25pm:Follicle Question
10:24pm:Banging for Baby Bumps
10:10pm:Do you ever give the hpt a good long soak?
10:07pm:good vibes TTC #1
10:06pm:Remind me... smeared OPKs still positive?
09:58pm:TCC after c-section
10:54pm:Got it! Appt for early Fetal DNA testing
10:51pm:For those who are receiving a baby shower...
10:51pm:Our Pregnancy Reveal
10:51pm:RVing (camping)
10:50pm:Glucose test Wednesday- question
10:49pm:Anyone showing at 13 weeks?
10:46pm:Donor Egg Experiences and Success Rates
10:45pm:Did you start prenatal vitamins before BFP?
10:45pm:Lovely growth scan today
10:43pm:What to do??? MN just used by 1st cousin.
10:42pm:Looks like I'm Out
10:33pm:It's a....
10:27pm:Middle name for Lorelei
10:18pm:Glucose test- question??
10:10pm:? For Those Who Have Been To a Chiropractor
09:58pm:Weird symptom
09:57pm:Loose Stools for Long periods of time...

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