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07:33am:Am I seeing things?
07:30am:Very long cycle after MC?
07:28am:So Things are going from Bad to Worse
07:27am:Please help with my chart?
07:27am:Did she ovulate?
07:26am:Period but bbt still high??
07:26am:Temp spike
07:26am:Ovulate on cd 16 or 17?
07:25am:Nipple question..
07:18am:Is this real?!
07:06am:hoping for a November baby. who's with me?!
07:04am:Did CBE Monitor miss my surge?
07:03am:7dpo and spotting. Am I out?
07:00am:what does this chart.mean
06:58am:2 Day AF
06:57am:CB Digital and False Positives
06:51am:Where the hell is AF?!
06:47am:Temping question...
06:44am:Luteral Phase
06:44am:Forgot clomid dose
06:42am:Please help me? Cervix worries!
06:39am:Bleeding with high temps. Bleeding stops with low temps.
06:38am:"W" Shape in Chart During Ovulation Time?
06:37am:cd 11 anyone with me?
07:29am:Sick and pregnant
07:26am:Pregnancy pillow
07:23am:Test Progression
07:21am:Starting to feel real
07:19am:Just not that sick... Please share
07:17am:Period how old
07:16am:Shopping Mania
07:16am:ultrasound after high betas
07:08am:For anyone considering circumcision. Not trolling, promise
07:04am:We've agreed on names!
06:47am:1st hurdle has been cleared 😄
06:45am:Talk to me about inductions please
06:42am:workout or take a few days off?

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