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06:30am:Yikes no more Clomid left.
06:13am:Another squinter
06:06am:Please help!!!!!
06:04am:IVF meds
06:00am:NSAIDs during FET cycle?
05:52am:2016 baby??
05:50am:Congratulations LoLo
05:49am:Bleeding after BD
05:47am:After two mc
05:46am:Need help with chart :-/
05:44am:Squinter..What do you think..
05:43am:Cycle regulation after bcp
05:42am:Help with chart
05:41am:Long LP?
06:36am:Baby monitors
06:02am:Carrying low?
05:59am:Anatomy Scan
05:58am:babybump so early?!

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