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Charting after miscarriage


How do I chart after a miscarriage?

First, if you have recently experienced a miscarriage, we would like to express our deepest sympathy for your loss.

Whether or not to start charting right away after a miscarriage is a personal decision. You may decide that you need to take time out, or you may find it especially gratifying to be able to see your fertility return after a miscarriage.

You can chart immediately after a miscarriage, but check with your doctor to determine whether or not it is recommended to try to conceive right away.

For charting purposes, the first day of your new cycle can be the first day of your miscarriage (full bleeding) if no D&C is required. If a D&C is required, you can start a new chart for the day of the procedure. Enter "menses" to start a new cycle and make a note of the circumstances in the notes section of your chart. If you were charting the cycle of your miscarriage, you should enter "miscarriage" on that chart. You may also decide to exclude that cycle from your cycle statistics as it will show an unusually long luteal phase length.

Trying after a loss often adds another dimension to the trying to conceive experience. It is not unusual to be grieving your loss while still remaining hopeful and excited about trying again. You may feel anxious and concerned about the possibility of another loss. Your friends and family may be unaware of your loss, or they may not understand the depth of your grief. If you feel like you need support and understanding, the community "circles" on Fertility Friend may be especially helpful during this time.


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